Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to Set the Virtual PBX in

Hello World,

Today I will show you how you can forward your virtual number calls to Virtual PBX.

First of all, log in to your account, and then drag your mouse cursor to my number type on the menu bar, from the drop down menu, select view all my numbers tab.

Now you can see your available virtual numbers list in my numbers page.

Now select any virtual number that you would like to forward to virtual PBX. Please note that you can also forward any virtual numbers to other services at anytime.

Now I'm going to select this virtual number "15672481759" to forward my calls to virtual PBX, click on any number and wait for a few second for loading the services window.

Now you can choose any "Carrier" from the services window. Also you can say that, it shows your current forwarding service in the services window.

Ok, now click on the drop down menu and select the virtual PBX and then click on "Submit" button to forward your virtual number.
Once the process completed, it will show a message that "Your number 15672481759 will now ring on Virtual PBX."

Now you can see that your virtual number has been forwarded to VirtualPBX. Let me show you advance features of virtualPBX.

Ok, now drag your mouse cursor to "Advance Features" tab on the menu bar, from the drop down menu, select "VirtualPBX"
In the next page, you can see your forwarded virtual number. Let's configure the virtualPBX, so move on and click on the settings link for advance features of virtualPBX.

In the next page, I am going to set the IVR first, which means "Interactive Voice Response" because it will be played as the number receives the call. Click on the "IVR management link."

In the next page, you can upload any voice file to set the IVR.

Now click on the "Upload Voice File"

In the next page, you can upload your voice file for virtualPBX, before uploading the voice file. Please note that the file should be in the wav format, and the quality of voice file should be as under settings, like "16 bit 8000 Mz Mono."

So after uploading the voice file, click on submit button to complete the process.

Now click on virtualPBX settings link and then click on settings link again to return to previous page. In this page, you can see that, there is another option to play the uploaded voice files from the drop-down menu.

Now, I am going to show you thow you can set the easy dialing settings. You can see that the page has three main columns "Dial", "Title" and "Ring on number." First, give a title on the title box and phone number on the ring on number box, where you can forward the call to anyone as you like. For example, I want to forward the call to my "Russian Agent" which means that if anyone dials the virtual number and presses "0," their call will be forwarded to my Russian agent (reseller). Next, I want to forward my call to my "US Client" which means that if anyone dials the virtual number and presses "1," their call will be forwarded to my US client. Similarly, you can write up to 10 numbers to forward the calls to.

Once you complete the process, then click on "Save settings" button.

And that's it, thank you for watching the tutorial.

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