Thursday, March 6, 2014

How Do Virtual Phone Lines Work? It's Like Virtual Real Estate!

When you make your Mexico City phone number ring to your USA AT&T traditional phone service (line), this is what anyone in the loop is paying.

1. The one who bought the MX City number pays the Virtual Phone Line provider usually a setup fee and a monthly fee for the phone number.

2. The persons in MX City who dial the number (to reach the person who bought the number) pay only local cost, usually practically free like a local call.

3. The person who bought the MX City decides how he or she wants it to work. If they make it ring to Skype, Gtalk, SIP, or Asterisk ... there is no additional cost.

If they make it ring to their USA AT&T phone number, there will be, in addition, a per minute cost ... just like calling from Mexico to USA because it is not over Internet. At this point the call is going over plain old telephone service, making termination fees incur like normal.

But it is not all bad. Having a Mexico City phone number and paying for it however one uses it cost way less than building an office in Mexico City. The virtual phone line is enough of an investment to have a "local presence."

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