Saturday, March 8, 2014

VPL Members Get Personal Dialer and Profile Page

Members of the Virtual Phone Line community at have one more great feature for driving more of the kind of people and communications they want to them through the new public profile. In fact, it has become a true social media experience with much control in the hands of the users.

How does this work? Login to your Virtual Phone Line account at Click on the word "Profile". There are two options to make your very own Virtual Phone Line public profile.

1. If you have already purchased a Virtual Phone Line, your profile page may look like this: (for example).

2. Or choose a user name for your special Virtual Phone Line profile page such as

Next, decide which items you want to show on your profile page such as picture, location, the virtual phone line numbers you have purchased, and if you have voicemail enabled. You also decide if you want to display your profile publicly, whether you want to show your own dialer so anyone can call you from your personal public profile page.

There is also an option called SHARE where you can choose to share your Virtual Phone Line public profile page on any several dozen social networking sites.
Watch a video by my colleague, a real geek, smart programmer Arfeen who we talked into explaining how this works at ;-)
Join the Facebook group at We wish you a 2010 full of talk and chat with those who are important to you. Virtual Phone Line will cause more your family, friends, and clients both potential and current to start CALLING YOU!

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