Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Opportunities and Features for Virtual Phone Line Resellers

Super Technologies, Inc. is known as a pioneer and trendsetter in the direct inward dialing space since 1999. After recent surveys of its Virtual Phone Line reseller program, the application's inventor Rehan Allahwala announces new APIs (application programmer interfaces). Resellers have more control with new rights of creating accounts, adding their users' top-us, and issuing Virtual Phone Line numbers from up to 50 nations.

Virtual Phone has is now building partnerships for direct inward dialing phone number business services with agencies and entrepreneurs. With dozens of already successful Virtual Phone Line reseller accounts active, Super Technologies, Inc. shares the benefits of the expansion and reinvestment into its reseller program.

Super Technologies, Inc. makes this major release available as of August 1, 2010 to its reseller technology platform with the addition of sales, billing and provisioning functionality controls making each reseller's module more self-sufficient, saving time and money for eveyrone. Before this, these tasks were completed among the individual reseller and the Virtual Phone Line Care Team.

"Super Technologies continues to be a leading provider of wholesale and resale of direct inward dialing and call forwarding with a delightful mix of social networking. Never satisfied, we are constantly surveying our users to improve and gain more rigorous quality controls and more exciting and enabling experiences for our resellers and their users," stated Virtual Phone Line Product Manager Ahsan Saleem. "Potential resellers are invited to inquire and sign up at Or visit our VP Suzanne Bowen at conferences in the West and our CEO at conferences in the East. See"

For more information, please visit and the API information at A video demonstration of the HubShout platform is also available on the website.

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