Thursday, March 6, 2014

VirtualPhoneLine is Not Complacent vs Skype IN

Browsing Youtube on the weekends is a favorite past time, and one of my favorite topics is what's up with Skype? In this case, what is not up with Skype.

Don't get me wrong. Skype is a beauty with Skype to Skype calls sounding like HD and great features like video and screen sharing, but the Skype IN has got to improve.

Skype Maxico or Skype In Mexico.. Or may be I should say Skype Pakistan or, more than 23 other countries then I found under my former Skype plan.

For other reasons I dropped my Skype Mexico phone number, so imagine my surprise when I found Skype launched , 65$ an year for formal Mexico phone number.

I supposed to 12$ an year a company that offers me 12$ an year a Mexico phone number, with more area code and choices.

I don't want to sound like, I am complaining about Skype.

I think Skype and Skype IN are great products, just because I am a formal customer of Skype In does not mean I left unhappy customer, and Yes times indeed have changed and Skype and Skype IN .

Now, I am not against saying a buck as much as anybody and see how many more countries offers nearly twice as many countries as Skype.

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