Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ghar Ghar Call Center in India

For years now, India has been a very hot tourist destination, and why not, with wonders like Taj Mahal and 100+ speaking people, who would not want to explore this mystical country…

The govt of India has done another smart move to reduce the call rates to Call TO India to 1 Cent.

I think they have realized that just like when you bring people to your country, and increase tourism to your country, it generates wealth for the masses and for the country.

Similarly in today’s 21’st Century phone calls to friends, family and internet buddies is also tourism, that convert’s into a lot of wealth for many and thus for the country.

This small but huge move will also generate into a new booming industry of next tier of home based call centers in smaller cities of India, where the wealth of call center has still not reached yet.

Small Call Centers, or work from home businesses will appear now, because calls to India now is so cheap, that they do not need to install high speed internet, bandwith, fibre optics, and create software technology parks, but now every single mobile phone in India can be a call center.

All the person needs is a cheap mobile phone, and that is all, no worries about the power failure, or server backups and 1 million other problems associated to callcenters.

My Small company is proud to offer US and UK numbers in India for Just $25 a month with US or UK numbers ringing directly on the mobile phone numbers in India with no per minute charge, roaming charge, nor any other charges, Just flat $25 a month and enjoy the calls.

Now people in the US and UK can forward their phone lines to their assistants in India and hire them for a few hundred dollar a month, and save money in this bad economy yet create better opportunity for people in India.

Finally the world is getting flatter and flatter…

Thank You Internet , Than You God!!

God Bless the Internet.

Rehan Allahwala

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