Saturday, March 8, 2014

Let a San Diego Virtual Phone Number Enhance Wireless and Entertainment

Super Technologies, Inc. since 1999 is excited to provide the Virtual Phone Line service to SMBs, entrepreneurs, call centers, consumers, families, friends, and more. We are also a media partner for the world's most exciting conferences and trade shows. Check out CTIA Wireless & Entertainment scheduled for Oct. 6-9, 2009 at the San Diego, California Convention Center.

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So many educational opportunities and business and technology ready to develop. Wireless and entertainment are the hottest business areas today. At least 2 billion people in the world use a cell phone. Check out World Internet Usage Statistics to see how many use the Internet. The most popular use for Internet is for entertainment and second business. Sign up at CTIA Wireless & Entertainment at to get in on the action.

A recent email from CTIA:
"For enterprises, the mobile phone provides an opportunity that parallels the transformational impact of the Internet. Mobility helps you to reach out and create new experiences for customers. In this journey, a combination of smart business models and unique technology platforms will hold the key to success.

Join Infosys and a panel of industry experts in a discussion on Enterprise Mobility at CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment, October 7, 2009. We will explore the potential of mobility to enhance business and consumer reach, and discuss strategies to enable a 'mobile enterprise'.

Session 1 – The Opportunities and Challenges in implementing a Mobile Enterprise

Session 2 – Enabling the Mobile Enterprise – A Service Provider Perspective

(Infosys will moderate sessions, which will feature industry experts.)

Find out what are the imperatives for enterprises to adopt the next wave of Enterprise Mobility."

While you're in San Diego, consider getting a San Diego number to be local to everyone!

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