Saturday, March 8, 2014

Incoming Call More Powerful than Outgoing Call

History credits Alexander Graham Bell with the invention of the telephone, but inventor Elisha Gray filed papers with the patent office describing a similar device on the same day. Whether Graham or Gray should get the credit, they both are creators of this technology that make it extremely difficult for anyone to imagine not holding a handset to their ear to receive a phone call, to place an outgoing phone call and talk to someone remotely. Lynn Farris writes a series called "Learning about Communications while Living Abroad" in the Dallas Examiner. On May 18th, she wrote Part 1: Skype. Wish I had a chance to talk with her about the power of the incoming phone call... that portion of the call...

I think there are three main reasons that Skype has not totally monopolized the telephony industry:

1. CALLER ID and CALLER NAME: In most cases, when you make an outgoing call to PSTN (cellular or landline), you do not have caller name, caller ID which makes it difficult in business, to get the receiving end to take the call.

2. PHONE NUMBERS and LNP: Skype offers only phone numbers from 20 countries and even in those cases, they do not have nationwide coverage in each country, plus they do not offer local number porting. Virtual Phone Line offers phone numbers from 53 countries. You can make Virtual Phone Line's ring to Skype and many other instant messengers, so that takes care of that.

3. HANDSET: I think Skype needs to conduct worldwide workshops or encourage its users to teach people to feel comfortable with using a headset and mike and also how to use the built-in speakers and mike on a laptop or netbooks. Users could be paid or bartered with by Skype to create accurate videos that show how easy and convenient voip with netbook or laptop is especially over landline and many other topics re: Skype use.

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