Saturday, March 8, 2014

Register for GoMobile in Kuala Lumpur and Break the QR Code

Virtual Phone Line and DIDX are media partners for the world-famous GoMobile conference at GoMobile Website scheduled for Oct. 23-25, 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You can register here at GoMobile registration.

A message from Bernard Yeoh:
Let me tell you about one more exciting thing happening at GoMobile Expo. This year one of the technologies that will be on show at GoMobile 2009 will be QR Code.

Don’t know what a QR code is? You can go grab a copy of the October issue of Mobile World magazine. There’s a QR code on the cover!

Or you can come to GoMobile and experience QR Code technology by taking part in the QR code competition. QR Codes will be placed in selected areas within the
expo hall. Scan them with your mobile phones in this massive mobile tagging hunt.

Decipher the clues from these QR codes before using them to answer questions and stand to win many prizes! Make sure you have the barcode reader app on your phone. Tip: you can download it to your phone from the web if it’s not there. Use your mobile phone and go to to download the app.

Let’s be part of the mobile revolution captivated by the wondrous powers of mobile phones. Invite your friends and family member to register today as a GoMobile Clique member. All GoMobile Clique members will receive gifts when they visit the GoMobile Clique Booth at the exhibition!

Get them to register at

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