Thursday, March 6, 2014

Free Sign up for Virtual Number with Your Cell Phone via SMS

Virtual Phone Line, a service of Super Technologies, Inc. and invented by CEO Rehan Allahwala, has gone mobile and is poised to assist people and organizations around the globe to share information, solve problems and create solutions and new businesses, faster and more easily than ever.

Virtual Phone Line SMS (Short Message Service) enables anyone anywhere to sign up for service via a text message. Turn on the cell phone. Click the SMS option and enter +44 793 7900030 and the message of "vpl signup USA superman." Click send. This set of steps will sign up the owner of the cell phone for access to buying virtual phone lines (phone numbers) from any or all of 40 countries or more. Users will be able to have a local or virtual presence in areas of the world where their VIP (very important people) are.

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