Thursday, March 6, 2014

Somaliland Persons Can Use Virtual Phone Lines

"Calls from Somaliland are the cheapest in Africa and fierce competition between the country’s carriers means calls from Somaliland are five to six times cheaper than other African countries. Mohamed Saed Duale, the founder of Dahabshiill has joined the fray and recently launched Somtel and joins Telesom, Telcom, Africa Online, Nationlink and Soltelco as the country’s sixth carrier.

The implications are clear. Somtel will use the 18-year money-wiring experience of its parent company to take on Selesom in the mobile money sector. The diaspora will continue to wire money home but the recipients will no longer need to go to a bank or visit the money-changers.

They will only need their mobile for all transactions and it means the money-changers will be kicked out of the Somaliland cash temples forever. Where Selesom has led, Somtel will attempt to dominate while the four other carriers will undoubtedly emulate." From Monty Munford, guest poster on TechCrunch.

Somaliland persons and organizations could sure use Virtual Phone Lines to make this and more work even better! Every one can have a USA or UK, Mexico or any of up to 60 countries' phone numbers. Help friends, family, customers who are your VIP ... connect with you. You buy the Virtual Phone Line. They call the local number to reach you! Even on Skype, MSN IM, or Google Talk. Yes, you're online and they call from their cell phone.

Bring the world closer together. Make sending money home easier. Improve your lives fast.

Meanwhile, telcos like Somtel are using wholesale DIDX to make all of the above happen. ;-)

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