Saturday, March 8, 2014

Empowering Call Forward Management Business, Beat the "Recession"

We are always ready for you and hope this new year brings you prosperity in these difficult times. We offer opportunities that are practically recession-proof. People need to communicate and voice is still the most popular form, but where are the tools to start up your business?

We are pleased to announce a special offer of our White Label Suites to our valued and savvy clients like you.

You, our valued Super Technologies' business and entreprenurial clients can White Label our hosted CFMS Software with a special rate during March 2009.

The CFMS is a complete Call Forwarding Management System that enables you to sell your own branded call forwarding services to PSTN, SIP, MSN, Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo or AIM.

With even new Facebook and Gmail based signup features, the service will put you ahead of the competition, and we hope you will cash in on this new opportunity.

Call us on +1-850-433-8555 and talk to our marketing experts Paul Deane or Suzanne Bowen about your CFMS software business needs. Be sure to give us your Super Technologies' account number and the best phone number and email address to reach you.

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