Saturday, March 8, 2014

How can Virtual Phone Number (DID) Make your business successful

Remember Martin Luther King's speech? "I have a dream..."

Virtual Phone Line has received so many inquiries wanting to understand how to leverage the new lucrative benefits! First, you have access to purchase telephone numbers from 9000+ cities around the world and to forward that number to anywhere in the world. It is flexible in that you can change your mind by the hour for where you want your incoming calls to your phone number to be forwarded to: PSTN, MSN IM, SIP, IAX2, PSTN (your cell phone or landline number), Skype and more. In fact, you can connect your Virtual Phone Line to Facebook!

How can you benefit from Virtual Phone Lines?
Let's say that you are an export company based in Mexico and have the opportunity to trade, sell and buy with companies in other countries, such as France, Australia, Singapore, USA, and Canada, but how do you get them to call you? How do you get a local presence in those countries? Get your France phone number, Australia phone number, Singapore phone number, USA phone number and Canada phone number for less than $50 per month total (all five "virtual offices") at Virtual Phone Line. You do not need to build offices in these five countries and deal with the bills of upkeep and human resources. Just get Virtual Phone Lines.

How is Virtual Phone Line different from other DID or phone number forwarding services?
Virtual Phone Line specializes in call forwarding for you. Virtual Phone Lines can be forwarded to cell phones, landline phones, SIP address, Asterisk IAX2, instant messengers such as Skype and MSN and more. Change the forwarding to ring where you want it to any time. Plus you can connect your Virtual Phone Line with Facebook where you can leverage your local presence in different countries via VPL (virtual phone line) and connect to your company and services page with Facebook ads even!

Virtual Phone Line is device agnostic. You can make your virtual phone lines ring to your netbook, notebook, data side of your smart cell phone like iPhone and some Nokia phones, hard internet protocol based phone, regular home or business phone! You can also make it ring on the instant messengers mentioned earlier.

You can sign up for your own local presence via a Virtual Phone Line now at Dream and put it into action now.

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