Monday, March 3, 2014

Algeria VoIP Phone Number Available Now on Virtual Phone Line

Country code 213 Algeria is now available so if you have business, family and/or studies or anything else important going on in that area of world, get a local presence via an Algeria phone number. People, your VIP ... will be able to call your new Algeria number and talk to you anytime. You can make your Algeria number ring to a cell phone or landline with the cost of $11.50 setup (NRC) and $10.00 MRC (per month). All in USD. Get a year in advance for just $138.00 USD. Much less expensive than buying real estate in Algeria to have a local presence.

Log in to your Virtual Phone Line account, click to BUY DID and choose the all NEW 213-Algeria area.

-If you requires Algerian DID Numbers in Wholesale, then please browse DID Exchange (our wholesaler)

Or make it ring to Skype or many other instant messengers or SIP and IAX2 address, and you only incur ...

These area codes in particular are ready to buy:

983 National Code, 394 Barika, 545 Elgasan

Go to to get phone numbers from Algeria or any of 40 other countries to use yourself or give as a gift of friendship or lasting business professional relationship. Pay for one year ahead and send your friend, colleague, customer, vendor or other VIP you buy for directions to manage it. Let us at Virtual Phone Line know anything you need regarding Virtual Phone Lines.

Acheter des numéros de téléphone en Algérie.

شراء أرقام الهواتف الجزائري

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