Saturday, March 8, 2014

CA Companies with Virtual Phone Lines Not Feeling Tourism Decrease

Many Virtual Phone Line customers are small businesses, government and non-profit organizations and other groups in Canada who want a virtual and local presence in different areas of the world. This is expecially important to those in the Canadian tourism industry. While many tourism agencies and companies are feeling the economic crunch, others who have Virtual Phone Lines are not.

"Tourism spending fell 2.9 percent during the past four quarters, the longest downturn since the early 1990s," the report from the Statistics Canada Agency said.

Here is an example of how a current SMB in tourism and hospitality is beating this:

A tourism agency who focuses on French, Spanish and Portuguese clientele for travel, signed up on Virtual Phone Line last year and bought Virtual Phone Lines (DIDs, direct inward dialing, origination, phone numbers) from Paris, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Kenya, and Quebec City. They added these numbers to their website, email signatures and business cards.

People living in those areas of the world use their cell phone, landline or any voice software to dial the local phone number (Virtual Phone Line purchased by the agency) and it rings where the tourism agency chooses for it to ring. They are BOOKED!! And are creating a study to decide which other cities in the world go get a local number from.

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