Monday, June 29, 2009

Meet with Virtualphoneline at SUPERCOMM

Trying to decide which conferences to participate in? Check the list at DIDX Events for conferences, trade shows, workshops, exhibitions and expos that Super Technologies (the creator of Virtual Phone Line) is a media partner, press agent, or supporting organization for. SUPERCOMM 2009 will take place in Chicago Oct. 21-22, 2009. Not only do many attendees return year to year but they are the reason that others decide to attend! Meet with Virtual Phone Line experts and other excellent companies at SUPERCOMM.

The innovative approach of SUPERCOMM includes the kind of information you are looking such as the President Obama’s $787 billion Stimulus Package.

In addition to market leaders such as Juniper, Fujitsu, Tellabs, Ciena, Nokia-Siemens, Huawei, Sonus, KGP Logistics, Cisco, Barracuda Networks, Internet Telephony Magazine, Zhone Technologies, Brocade, Super Technologies, and more, returning to SUPERCOMM this Fall, they have signed several new exhibitors, most recently Avalon Microelectronics and Allied Data Technologies. Avalon Microelectronics provides a variety of IP cores for OTN, SONET/SDH and Ethernet applications to Telecom Equipment Manufacturers and ASSP Vendors. Allied Data Technologies, Inc. is a leading global product designer, manufacturer and supplier of Ethernet-based broadband communications products and solutions.

See the detailed floor map and the industry who's who signed up already to exhibit!

* 51% of attendees expect their corporations' total purchases to be a direct result from attending the Show
* 41% of attendees do not attend any other trade Show
* 76% of attendees come to see new products and to keep up-to-date with industry trends
* 61% of attendees discuss products seen at the Show with a peer
* 25% of attendees have corporate budgets exceeding $10M
* 38% of attendees look for new suppliers
* 50% of attendees represent service providers/network resellers

More detailed SUPERCOMM buyer participants details at SUPERCOMM stats.
Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ravi Shrinivasin on BroadcastAsia and Virtualphoneline

Ravi Shrinivasin of explains the value of BroadcastAsia 2009 conference in Singapore and also what is so great about having a phone number from another country from the service.
Friday, May 15, 2009

How Does the IVR function work on Virtualphoneline

Good question! If your Virtualphoneline account has the IVR option available, you simply create your audio file and upload it to the special area in your client side portal. You would simply give your special greeting and say press 1 to reach XXXX and press 2 to reach ZZZZ. XXXX would ring to one PSTN number and ZZZZ would ring another PSTN number.

Watch some videos that show how to use Virtual Phone Line, and browse Youtube to watch clients explain how to use them and why they are using them.
Thursday, February 26, 2009

Virtual Phone Line is a Media Sponsor: Connect IT Pakistan

Check out scheduled for May 5-7, 2009 in the world's most vibrant cultural city Karachi.

Virtual Phone Line and DIDX are a media partner for this conference because we believe in connecting you with those who are important to you.

What are great reasons to register and attend this conference?

1. Pakistan's economy with a GDP growth rate of 5.8% has attracted a foreign investment of US$ 5.15 billion in 2007-08. The Information and Communications Technology sector of Pakistan has emerged as the fastest growing sector and is a major contributor to the GDP. The investor friendly policies of the Government have attracted US $1.63 Billion of foreign direct investment in the ICT sector.

2. CONNECT has established itself as an exclusive B2B event of ICT industry keeping in view the growing needs of IT and Telecom sector. CONNECT 2009 will reinforce its position as a unique opportunity for its participants to display and demonstrate wide array of latest technologies and business solutions to maximise market presence, establish new contacts and strengthen existing businesses in a highly interactive environment.

3. It will also attract industry leaders and decision makers from around the world to witness the showcase of technological advancements, latest industry trends and exchange experiences.

4. And... have you been to Karachi? I have. It's beautiful. Check ITCN in Karachi and interesting people and places!
Thursday, January 22, 2009

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

What is a virtual phone number?
It is a phone number that's local to those you care about for them to call you as much as possible like you WANT!

How can I get a virtual phone number?
Watch a video of how, if you're not sure how at Youtube.

Enjoy another video of how to choose the RIGHT phone number for you. Put in the country code of those loved ones and important ones that you crave to hear from: customers, suppliers, friends, husband, wife, mom, dad, sister, brother...

How much does one cost?

One monthly rate and ringto your favorite instant messenger: Googletalk, Yahoo, MSN, Gizmo and more.

What can I do with it?

Parents stay in touch with their children attending university in another country... New web 2.0 business with worldwide customers... Husband with his wife as he travels on business, government work, nonprofit projects worldwide...

As a status symbol! People will know how cosmopolitan and successful you are when your business card has contact phone numbers in several cities.
Monday, January 19, 2009

Do you like Virtual Phone Line ?

We are thankful that you are using Virtual Phone Line Service.

We hope you are enjoying the new features we add to the service.
We would like to know what you like about using Virtual Phone Line in the form of a short 30 second to 1 min video from you.

Each person who sends us a video that we select gets $10 in their account.

To make this interesting, we offer a $250 Visa cash card (you can use anywhere in the world) to the best testimonial video that we receive.

You can tell us how the service Helped you, or what unique way the service has helped you, or how you may think we are different then anyone else in the same business.


1. Testimonial should say why you like the service, and how it has helped you in anyway.
2. Total Testimonial Needed for competition over all is 100
3. Each Testimonial that is used will get $10 as credit to your account
4. Testimonial has to be uploaded to
5. Testimonial will be used on our web sites
6. Once uploaded send the link to us via Contact us inside your account.
7. Testimonial may be edited by our team to add your name, City and Country if used.
8. Competition will only be closed when we receive the complete 100 videos, all the videos will be listed on
9. Primary language of the testimonial has to be English, You can make 2 one in your own language, but you need to tell us which language it is so we can have it judged.