Thursday, March 6, 2014

Get a local virtual phone number (DID) in over 50 countries [Review]

If you are a small business or a SOHO user, you probably know the importance of establishing local presence. Although a website is a great medium to connect with people across the globe, you need some local presence to meaningfully establish yourself in international markets. A contact form on your website is not enough to satisfy consumers desire to be able to speak with a company representative (especially for a big ticket purchase) to alleviate pre- and post-purchase anxiety. However, opening international offices or establishing local call centers may require significant resources.

Today, we look at Virtual Phone Line (VPL) that allows you to “be anywhere” without breaking the bank. VPL helps individuals and organizations to keep in touch with people they care (e.g., customer, friend, family member) and help them reach their goals in money, power, luck and love.

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