Saturday, March 8, 2014

Virtual Phone Line Takes Social Media Lessons from AMEX

Interesting, American Express is asking me, Suzanne Bowen, on email to book flights to see my Facebook friends. Pretty cool marketing strategy. I'm impressed, American Express. In fact, I want to apply a similar proposal as to how to stay in touch with your Facebook friends and to make new Facebook friends. Virtual Phone Lines, of course. With local phone numbers available in about 50 countries, Virtual Phone Line users can be a phone call away from those who are important to them like Facebook friends.

Example, you meet several people on Facebook who are in South Korea, Japan, Colombia, and Mexico. Maybe you want to start a business with them, do some collegiate research, or see each other as potential customers or suppliers? These are just a few great reasons to buy Virtual Phone Lines. So... you buy phone numbers from all four countries on and connect with your Facebook profile. You set the numbers to ring on your favorite instant messenger, your landline or cell phone, or to a third party SIP or IAX2 address. Give the phone numbers out, connect to your FB profile and start receiving phone calls!

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