Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Little Virtual Phone Line Trivia

Virtual Phone Line begin as an idea of thinking inside out in the area of telecommunications in 1999. Traditionally the emphasis in telecommunications has been upon the act of picking up one's land line telephone and dialing a phone number to place a call to someone. This is called "termination." A gentleman named Rehan Allahwala Ahmed, a Pakistani inventor and entrepreneur, saw the need for emphasis on the "origination" side of the call, the incoming call, or also known later commonly as DID, direct inward dialing. He and his team which included the CEO at that time, Suzanne Bowen and other early adopters in the industry began experimenting with VoIP, SIP and Asterisk in the 90s. In 1999, he invented the concept of Virtual Phone Line, a method of making a phone number ring to an IP address.

Virtual Phone Line was trademarked by Ahmed. It revolutionized telecommunications. (It eventually led to another one of Rehan Ahmed's inventions DIDXchange in 2005 where wholesale wired and wireless IP communications entities and other types of SMBs, enterprises and carriers bought and sold DIDs and routed over SIP or IAX2.)

Having a local presence in an area of the world that is different from one's actual physical location is a phenomenally empowering service. Students leave their families in Malaysia to study abroad in for example UK. They buy a phone number that is local to their family in Malaysia from Their family dials that local Malaysia phone number. It rings where the student has set it to ring.

A business scenario now follows. A steel trading company is based in Corpus Christi, TX. In order to grow in global and domestic business, it needs presence in certain cities in the world. Instead of opening complete satellite offices, it signs up for Virtual Phone Lines in Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Los Angeles, and Tokyo, major shipping ports around the world. Depending upon its specialties such as used clothing, steel, oil, precious gems, or tourism, it may also have Virtual Phone Lines in inland metropolitan or industrial areas.

One of the reasons that Virtual Phone Line is so popular with consumers and SMBs is the additional features which can be added. Some are complimentary, and others are additional purchases. These include call forward options to Skype, GoogleTalk, Truphone, and other instant messengers, IAX2 or SIP solutions; and Voicemail, Call Recording, Virtual PBX, and SMS Inbox, and more. These features enable a client to be reached in many different ways according to their variable needs with a few computer keystrokes.

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