Thursday, March 6, 2014

Got Virtual Phone Line? How to Keep It Topped Up

So, you've got your Virtual Phone Line. Congratulations, now you need to know how to top up your account and keep funds added on. There are two methods of making payment on Virtual Phone Line: credit card and Western Union. If you scroll to your account, once you have logged in your virtual phone line dashboard, click on where it says "in order to pay by credit card, you must access the special form." Click there, and as you can see, you would download the Microsoft Word file or the Html file, print, fill it in, sign it and fax it to us at one of the numbers listed.

Include clear copies of the front and back of thee credit card, the first page of the last credit card billing statement showing the billing addressee's name and a photo ID. These IDs must match the billing address on your name of the credit card statement, so I know you can understand that.

The other method is by Western Union. You can see the directions there at With the Western Union quick pay option, you can actually instantly send the payment for service. These are the directions, explained very clearly. You should send it to our company, under our company code (SUPERPHONE, FL). Please include your account number and other information so that we can verify your payment. If you're not be able to send to business or company, we have an alternative method as you can see here, again,

Here's the Western Union website and as you can see, you can sign up for an account on Western Union website to easily make payments online. Three ways to send money, online, at a location or by phone, so to pay with your credit card you would go to the billing icon, track down to the right to "Add Funds."

I just want to make sure you see that if you don't have an authorization form on file, it's not going to allow me to make a payment. This is because I do not have a credit card authorization form on file with Virtual Phone Line service. If you do have the all the necessary documents and have faxed them to Virtual Phone Line, you would click on "billings" and scroll down to the right where you see ... "Add funds." Enter the amount that you wish to have charged on your card to top up your account to keep it prepaid. At least $10 USD will have to be charged and then you would click "add funds" using the credit card.
Thank you for using Virtual Phone Line, and we look forward to continue to work with you. Take care.

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