Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Now Forward Israel Virtual Number on Skype

I was browsing on Skype's web site and found that Skype does not offer Skype in Service in Isreal also yet, Well


 DOES offer this service in Isreal also.

So go ahead, If you need to be Virtually in Isreal, Go ahead and signup for it and get a number right away....


Virtual Phone Line Service - Be Anywhere
Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Will you choose Skype for Local Australian Virtual Number

Phone is for Australian primary way to contact families in Australia and any other countries. standard calling Australia is quite expensive. However, with the help come to us all sorts of dedicated networks (usually virtual), special cards Telecafe or popular Skype (IM).

Calls dedicated to Australian Numbers

Many of virtual phone numbers companies Offers quite similar benefits when it comes to calls and text messages to Australian. Range from 6 to 8 dollars per minute for calls from Australian virtual line, ranging from 6 to 8 dollars per call on mobile and sms prices are similar.

Will Australian Calls will be cheaper?

Photo credit : Muhammad's Flickr

Greater opportunities lie in this case, as most of the Australian calling operators. They not roaming but ordinary international calls. They make promotions / special tariff for callings. Similarly speaks representative PLAY. - PLAY lobbying for substantial reductions in roaming prices across the EU, therefore, at this time we are not planning any specific reductions for each country.

You can Choose Skype

If two people connected to the Internet have a free Skype talk to each other without any restrictions. What if one of the parties does not have a computer?

Make Callings more cheap than Skype !

Get Australian Virtual Number from Virtual Phone Line.Com at very low Prices !
Charging the Skype account we can for 9 cents per minute for calls to land-lines in Australia (may be different price now). By purchasing a monthly subscription then we call the Australia and the whole of Europe to all land-lines free of charge (Its depend on offers). When calling from Skype to land-lines and cellular our interviewees see our Polish phone number! worth noting that we can take out a few numbers, for example, Polish and German and use two numbers on one account.

From the computer uncomfortable?

The fact that computer calls are not comfortable. In addition, having a local phone number we would have all the time to have your computer on to our family and friends to be able to reach you. There is like a standard telephone handset.
Saturday, March 8, 2014

Forward Skype Virtual Phone Numbers for Pakistan

We are pleased to announce, that  now  YOU can now also have Pakistani Phone Numbers on Skype Just like Skype IN service.

The service is not by skype directly, but by www.VirtualPhoneLine.com   which will allow you to buy a Pakistani Phone Number from over 40 cities in Pakistan and then you can have it ring on your Skype ID, anywhere in the world.

At this time there is a FREE TRIAL Available for this on www.virtualphoneline.com/signup/  You can get a Islamabad number with no obligations.

Charges are $5.99 a month. You can also get other countries also, list is on the web site www.virtualphoneline.com/phone-numbers

Give it a try, Send us your feedback.

Please note that Virtual Phone Line and Super Technologies is NOT associated with Skype, this is an independently powered service using skype api's

Register for GoMobile in Kuala Lumpur and Break the QR Code

Virtual Phone Line and DIDX are media partners for the world-famous GoMobile conference at GoMobile Website scheduled for Oct. 23-25, 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You can register here at GoMobile registration.

A message from Bernard Yeoh:
Let me tell you about one more exciting thing happening at GoMobile Expo. This year one of the technologies that will be on show at GoMobile 2009 will be QR Code.

Don’t know what a QR code is? You can go grab a copy of the October issue of Mobile World magazine. There’s a QR code on the cover!

Or you can come to GoMobile and experience QR Code technology by taking part in the QR code competition. QR Codes will be placed in selected areas within the
expo hall. Scan them with your mobile phones in this massive mobile tagging hunt.

Decipher the clues from these QR codes before using them to answer questions and stand to win many prizes! Make sure you have the barcode reader app on your phone. Tip: you can download it to your phone from the web if it’s not there. Use your mobile phone and go to http://m.zertopia.com to download the app.

Let’s be part of the mobile revolution captivated by the wondrous powers of mobile phones. Invite your friends and family member to register today as a GoMobile Clique member. All GoMobile Clique members will receive gifts when they visit the GoMobile Clique Booth at the exhibition!

Get them to register at www.clique.gomobile.my

How can Virtual Phone Number (DID) Make your business successful

Remember Martin Luther King's speech? "I have a dream..."

Virtual Phone Line has received so many inquiries wanting to understand how to leverage the new lucrative benefits! First, you have access to purchase telephone numbers from 9000+ cities around the world and to forward that number to anywhere in the world. It is flexible in that you can change your mind by the hour for where you want your incoming calls to your phone number to be forwarded to: PSTN, MSN IM, SIP, IAX2, PSTN (your cell phone or landline number), Skype and more. In fact, you can connect your Virtual Phone Line to Facebook!

How can you benefit from Virtual Phone Lines?
Let's say that you are an export company based in Mexico and have the opportunity to trade, sell and buy with companies in other countries, such as France, Australia, Singapore, USA, and Canada, but how do you get them to call you? How do you get a local presence in those countries? Get your France phone number, Australia phone number, Singapore phone number, USA phone number and Canada phone number for less than $50 per month total (all five "virtual offices") at Virtual Phone Line. You do not need to build offices in these five countries and deal with the bills of upkeep and human resources. Just get Virtual Phone Lines.

How is Virtual Phone Line different from other DID or phone number forwarding services?
Virtual Phone Line specializes in call forwarding for you. Virtual Phone Lines can be forwarded to cell phones, landline phones, SIP address, Asterisk IAX2, instant messengers such as Skype and MSN and more. Change the forwarding to ring where you want it to any time. Plus you can connect your Virtual Phone Line with Facebook where you can leverage your local presence in different countries via VPL (virtual phone line) and connect to your company and services page with Facebook ads even!

Virtual Phone Line is device agnostic. You can make your virtual phone lines ring to your netbook, notebook, data side of your smart cell phone like iPhone and some Nokia phones, hard internet protocol based phone, regular home or business phone! You can also make it ring on the instant messengers mentioned earlier.

You can sign up for your own local presence via a Virtual Phone Line now at http://www.virtualphoneline.com. Dream and put it into action now.

Be Social and Local via Virtual Phone Line Audio Blogging

Last month Virtual Phone Line announced its Public Profile Page with Web Dialer feature. "VPL" began as a call diversion service but is now one of the web's most popular social media tools. Today, Super Technologies, Inc., who created and run the Virtual Phone Line service reveals the new empowering personal and business tool of audio blogging.

VPL users can login to their personal portals on Virtualphoneline.com and manage their account with integration to Facebook; ring to including Skype, SIP, IAX2, PSTN, FWD, Google Gizmo5, MSN IM, Yahoo IM, GoogleTalk, or Truphone; as well as other standard and premium features. Audio blogging is the newest!

"I use my VPL public profile, web dialer, and voicemail features as a method to let my parents back home in Australia know how I am doing in my Masters studies while in UK. My Australia Virtual Phone Line number is what my parents in Australia, my family all over the world in Pakistan, Japan, Mexico and USA, and I call once per day through the web dialer to leave a message of 'What's up!' to each other. I plan to use the content to write a book someday," says Virtual Phone Line user Arinya Khan.

Is that cool, or what? You rock, Arinya!

Another user of Virtual Phone Line gives a short demo on Youtube on the VPL audio blogging feature.
Customers click on 'Profile" once logged in to Virtual Phone Line and scroll to the General Settings area. They choose whether or not they want to enable their public profile and decide what they are willing to share publicly about themselves such as their picture, their location, their Virtual Phone Line numbers, voicemail enabling, and web dialer. Two URLs now belong to the customer: Public Profile page and Audio Blog page.
Where customers select "voicemails" in the general settings, short recorded audios can be left by the customer or anyone with access to their web dialer on the customer's public profile page. The voicemails then become an audio blog of reminders, holiday greetings, quotes of the day, polls, and more.
Virtual Phone Line is a service that enables users to be local and to be social. The sign up page is at http://www.virtualphoneline.com/signup.

Need to be Local at GSMA World Mobile Congress?

GSMA World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain... Feb 16-19, 2009 is looking really good for business development in telephony related areas. We (I Suzanne Bowen) would like to meet you, so call me during the event at my local Barcelona DID phone number +34931845154 or add me on Twitter as suzannebowen and let me know there you'll be at GMSA.

Anyone can be local during GSMA with a Barcelona phone number.

You can use Fring, Nimbuzz, Truphone or many others as your SIP agent. If the SIP agent you download does not offer Barcelona DIDs, you may be able to get one from www.virtualphoneline.com (retail, smb, consumer) or www.didx.net (wholesale where there is a minimum of 50 DID to avoid a monthly $50 fee). There are also several 100 more companies out there that offer local international phone numbers!

How to CALL on Skype using Virtual Phone Number

There are actually several ways, but two of the most popular are via Skype IN service itself and via Virtual Phone Line.

What do you get with Skype IN versus Virtual Phone Line?
1. Numbers from 20 countries with Skype IN and numbers from 56 countries with Virtual Phone Line.

2. Other add on services include...
Via Skype's Skype IN: call out packages, ring to option is Skype only, caller ID name is available for setup, 20 countries available

Virtual Phone Line: connect to your Facebook page, make your DID phone numbers ring to Skype, GoogleTalk, MSN or Yahoo IM, SIP, IAX2, Truphone, FWD, or PSTN; caller ID name is available on most numbers, 56 countries available

3. As of July 1, 2009 the following countries are available on Skype IN:

Australia, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, S. Korea, Mexico, New Zealand,, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA at $18 for each DID for 3 months or $60 per year, further discounts when you also pay a monthly subscription for outgoing calls.

4. As of July 1, 2009 the following countries are available on Virtual Phone Line with discounts for buying one year purchase:
Australia $4.99/month or $59.88/year
Brazil $11/month or $121/year
Chile $10/month or $120/year
Denmark $7/month or $84/year
Dominican Republic $13.98/month or $167.76/year
Estonia $16/month or $176/year
Finland $4.99/month or $59.88/year
France $4/month or $48/year
Germany $5.99/month or $71.88/year
Hong Kong $6/month or $66/year
Hungary $10/month or $110/year
Ireland $2/month or $24/year
Italy $6/month or $72/year
Japan $5.99/month or $71.88/year
S. Korea $4.99/month or $59.88/year
Mexico $4.99/month or $59.88/year
New Zealand $25/month or $275/year
Poland $7/month or $84/year
Romania $6/month or $72/year
Sweden $5/month or $60/year
Switzerland $13/month or $143/year
UK $2.95/month or $35.40/year
USA $5.99/month or $71.88/year

Other pricing for additional countries available on Virtual Phone Line that are not currently available on Skype IN such as Singapore at $2/month or $22/year are at Virtual Phone Line DID. These include Jamaica, South Africa, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Iceland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Norway, Honduras, Panama, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Russia, China, Pakistan, Jordan, Israel, and Georgia.

Get South Korean Virtual Number at $4.99 per Month

In Korean:

당신은 소비자 또는 소규모 단지 몇 사람의 비즈니스 요구에 한국 전화 번호인가요? 한달에 $ 4.99에서 사용 http://www.virtualphoneline.com. 당신이 5000에 포함되어 분 2 채널.

숙박 터치에서 귀하의 가족, 친구와 함께, 고객, 공급 업체, 거래, 그리고 교사의 전화 번호를 받고 한국으로 반지를 여러분의 MSN, Yahoo 야후, Skype 스카 이프, 구글 토크 또는 휴대 전화.

서울 시내 최고의 비즈니스의 세계에 많은 곳에있다 주된 사무소를 가지고있다. 한국인은 세계 여행 및 그들의 친구, 가족과 여행 사업을하는 동안에 그들을 호출할 수있는 고향에서 지역의 전화 번호가 필요합니다.

In English:
Are you a consumer or small business who only needs a few South Korea phone numbers? Use http://www.virtualphoneline.com at $4.99 per month and zero setup fee. You get 5000 included minutes and 2 channels.

Stay in touch with your family, friends, customers, suppliers, traders, and teachers by getting a South Korea phone number to ring to your MSN, Yahoo, Skype, Google Talk or cell phone.

Seoul is city where many of the best businesses in the world are have main offices. South Koreans travel the world and need a local phone number from back home that their friends, family and business can call them on while traveling.

We apoligize if the Korean translation is not accurate.

Virtual Phone Line Receive Calls on Your Netbook

Actually you can make your Virtual Phone Line's ring on your netbook, laptop, smart phones that can access WIFI, and desktops. Imagine sitting in your favorite park or cafe where you have Internet available and receiving phone calls from those you care about most on your computer or cell phone. You bought a phone number that is local to them. They dial that local number and it rings on your computer.

How to make this happen, right? If you don't have a Virtual Phone Line, sign up now and check out the international phone numbers available to you in 50 countries! Once you have a "VPL," then forward it to your favorite instant messenger or SIP or IAX2 address. Watch the How to Forward your Virtual Phone Line video to understand more.

How to Forward your Virtual Phone Number to Skype, PSTN, Gtalk, IAX2, SIP

Watch the video to see how. Or check further down in this post for some text directions.

1. Login to http://www.virtualphoneline.com
2. Click My Number and View all Numbers or choose to change the Ring to (call forwarding).
3. Choose if you want it to ring on PSTN (cell or landline phone number); an instant messenger like MSN IM, Skype, Yahoo IM, GoogleTalk; or a SIP or IAX2 such as on Truphone or Gizmo Project, etc.
4. Enter the information in the field next to the IM, PSTN or SIP or IAX2 that you want your Virtual Phone Line to ring on, forward to.

Example, if your Google Talk email is 123456@gmail.com then you would enter 123456 next to Google field. If your cell phone you want it to ring to is 1-111-111-1111, then you would enter 1-111-111-1111 in the PSTN field.

Don't have a Virtual Phone Line yet? You probably need at least one. Just ask yourself, which city in the world do you wish you owned a phone number in and why?

You might answer Milan, Italy because my parents and all family live there. Get a Milan, Italy Virtual Phone Line. Make it call forward to the IM, PSTN, IAX2 or SIP you choose. Start receiving calls and reach your goals!

Or Palmira, Colombia because your customers take vacation there. Get a Palmira, Colombia Virtual Phone Line. Make it call forward to the IM, PSTN, IAX2 or SIP you choose. Start receiving calls and reach your goals!

Or Tokyo, Japan because your company's vendors and some potential market for customers are there. Get a Tokyo, Japan Virtual Phone Line. Make it call forward to the IM, PSTN, IAX2 or SIP you choose. Start receiving calls and reach your goals!

Or Mexico City, MX because you are a professor at a USA university and you need research scientists and other universities there to call you. Get a Mexico City, MX Virtual Phone Line. Make it call forward to the IM, PSTN, IAX2 or SIP you choose. Start receiving calls and reach your goals!

Sign up at http://www.virtualphoneline.com/signupnew.

Julia is Excited about the Value of Virtual Phone Line

Julia, an entrepreneur and graduate studies student we met working with Alibaba at CommunicAsia in Singapore. She really understands the value of a Virtual Phone Line. We can't wait her to be able to easily stay in touch with her family, friends, business contacts and more from Tokyo when they call her Tokyo Virtual Phone Line. She will receive the calls wherever she goes. Rehan Allahwala, the inventor of Virtual Phone Line, is interviewing.

As Rehan Ahmed (CEO OF Virtual Phone Line) stated, users of Alibaba would truly benefit from having Virtual Phone Lines from the countries they need in order to grow their business and stay in touch with those who are most important to them.

Empowering Call Forward Management Business, Beat the "Recession"

We are always ready for you and hope this new year brings you prosperity in these difficult times. We offer opportunities that are practically recession-proof. People need to communicate and voice is still the most popular form, but where are the tools to start up your business?

We are pleased to announce a special offer of our White Label Suites to our valued and savvy clients like you.

You, our valued Super Technologies' business and entreprenurial clients can White Label our hosted CFMS Software with a special rate during March 2009.

The CFMS is a complete Call Forwarding Management System that enables you to sell your own branded call forwarding services to PSTN, SIP, MSN, Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo or AIM.

With even new Facebook and Gmail based signup features, the service will put you ahead of the competition, and we hope you will cash in on this new opportunity.

Call us on +1-850-433-8555 and talk to our marketing experts Paul Deane or Suzanne Bowen about your CFMS software business needs. Be sure to give us your Super Technologies' account number and the best phone number and email address to reach you.

Incoming Call More Powerful than Outgoing Call

History credits Alexander Graham Bell with the invention of the telephone, but inventor Elisha Gray filed papers with the patent office describing a similar device on the same day. Whether Graham or Gray should get the credit, they both are creators of this technology that make it extremely difficult for anyone to imagine not holding a handset to their ear to receive a phone call, to place an outgoing phone call and talk to someone remotely. Lynn Farris writes a series called "Learning about Communications while Living Abroad" in the Dallas Examiner. On May 18th, she wrote Part 1: Skype. Wish I had a chance to talk with her about the power of the incoming phone call... that portion of the call...

I think there are three main reasons that Skype has not totally monopolized the telephony industry:

1. CALLER ID and CALLER NAME: In most cases, when you make an outgoing call to PSTN (cellular or landline), you do not have caller name, caller ID which makes it difficult in business, to get the receiving end to take the call.

2. PHONE NUMBERS and LNP: Skype offers only phone numbers from 20 countries and even in those cases, they do not have nationwide coverage in each country, plus they do not offer local number porting. Virtual Phone Line offers phone numbers from 53 countries. You can make Virtual Phone Line's ring to Skype and many other instant messengers, so that takes care of that.

3. HANDSET: I think Skype needs to conduct worldwide workshops or encourage its users to teach people to feel comfortable with using a headset and mike and also how to use the built-in speakers and mike on a laptop or netbooks. Users could be paid or bartered with by Skype to create accurate videos that show how easy and convenient voip with netbook or laptop is especially over landline and many other topics re: Skype use.

Do you want to start a business of offering local phone numbers from 53 countries to the world of customers? Remember, you will empower your clients to have a local presence anywhere in the world where there are people who are very important to them. Those important people will start calling your customers via the local phone number they buy from you. Interested, right! Just email sales@supertec.com or sales@virtualphoneline.com and we'll give you a tour of your new Call Forward Management Business!

Free Call Recording service by Virtual Phone Line

Updates on the following can be viewed at http://kb.virtualphoneline.com/tiki-index.php?page=Call+Recording.

Free service mode: Call recording service on VirtualPhoneLine service enables you to record all the incoming calls on your number if you wish. Please keep in mind to comply with any privacy legal issues by your government, for example at http://www.ftc.gov/privacy/. This is the responsibility of the owner of the phone number.

Once you enable this service, all the calls that come in are recorded.

Recording Limits:

The call recording works in increments of 30 minutes within a one month period. There is no charge for this.

If the total number of recorded minutes exceeds 30 minutes, the recording feature will turned off. When one month passes, the recording will automatically turn ON again but again, only if the VirtualPhoneLine has selected to use the recording feature.

The VirtualPhoneLine user will be notified on the client Home page (dashboard) if recording is ON, OFF or Out Of Quota.

Storage limitations:

The calls are stored for 15 days. After 15 days, the calls are automatically deleted, even if the storage limit is not used, so you must download the voice files locally.

Paid service mode:
You may buy more space on the VirtualPhoneLine servers so that you can record more than 30 minutes and also to keep the voice files on the server longer.

These services start at $100 a month for 5 hours of space for 6 months storage.

Wow, Virtual Phone Lines Now Ring on Skype with 60+ Countries

I couldn't believe it at first, but it's true. I tried it and it works great. Finally, you and I can get a Virtual Phone Line (VPL or Virtualphoneline) from all the countries available listed on VirtualPhoneLine.com (click available numbers) but especially to note from these countries that are not currently available on Skype:

South Africa
South Korea

Nice, nice, nice!

A Little Virtual Phone Line Trivia

Virtual Phone Line begin as an idea of thinking inside out in the area of telecommunications in 1999. Traditionally the emphasis in telecommunications has been upon the act of picking up one's land line telephone and dialing a phone number to place a call to someone. This is called "termination." A gentleman named Rehan Allahwala Ahmed, a Pakistani inventor and entrepreneur, saw the need for emphasis on the "origination" side of the call, the incoming call, or also known later commonly as DID, direct inward dialing. He and his team which included the CEO at that time, Suzanne Bowen and other early adopters in the industry began experimenting with VoIP, SIP and Asterisk in the 90s. In 1999, he invented the concept of Virtual Phone Line, a method of making a phone number ring to an IP address.

Virtual Phone Line was trademarked by Ahmed. It revolutionized telecommunications. (It eventually led to another one of Rehan Ahmed's inventions DIDXchange in 2005 where wholesale wired and wireless IP communications entities and other types of SMBs, enterprises and carriers bought and sold DIDs and routed over SIP or IAX2.)

Having a local presence in an area of the world that is different from one's actual physical location is a phenomenally empowering service. Students leave their families in Malaysia to study abroad in for example UK. They buy a phone number that is local to their family in Malaysia from Virtualphoneline.com. Their family dials that local Malaysia phone number. It rings where the student has set it to ring.

A business scenario now follows. A steel trading company is based in Corpus Christi, TX. In order to grow in global and domestic business, it needs presence in certain cities in the world. Instead of opening complete satellite offices, it signs up for Virtual Phone Lines in Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Los Angeles, and Tokyo, major shipping ports around the world. Depending upon its specialties such as used clothing, steel, oil, precious gems, or tourism, it may also have Virtual Phone Lines in inland metropolitan or industrial areas.

One of the reasons that Virtual Phone Line is so popular with consumers and SMBs is the additional features which can be added. Some are complimentary, and others are additional purchases. These include call forward options to Skype, GoogleTalk, Truphone, and other instant messengers, IAX2 or SIP solutions; and Voicemail, Call Recording, Virtual PBX, and SMS Inbox, and more. These features enable a client to be reached in many different ways according to their variable needs with a few computer keystrokes.

Ghar Ghar Call Center in India

For years now, India has been a very hot tourist destination, and why not, with wonders like Taj Mahal and 100+ speaking people, who would not want to explore this mystical country…

The govt of India has done another smart move to reduce the call rates to Call TO India to 1 Cent.

I think they have realized that just like when you bring people to your country, and increase tourism to your country, it generates wealth for the masses and for the country.

Similarly in today’s 21’st Century phone calls to friends, family and internet buddies is also tourism, that convert’s into a lot of wealth for many and thus for the country.

This small but huge move will also generate into a new booming industry of next tier of home based call centers in smaller cities of India, where the wealth of call center has still not reached yet.

Small Call Centers, or work from home businesses will appear now, because calls to India now is so cheap, that they do not need to install high speed internet, bandwith, fibre optics, and create software technology parks, but now every single mobile phone in India can be a call center.

All the person needs is a cheap mobile phone, and that is all, no worries about the power failure, or server backups and 1 million other problems associated to callcenters.

My Small company www.virtualphoneline.com is proud to offer US and UK numbers in India for Just $25 a month with US or UK numbers ringing directly on the mobile phone numbers in India with no per minute charge, roaming charge, nor any other charges, Just flat $25 a month and enjoy the calls.

Now people in the US and UK can forward their phone lines to their assistants in India and hire them for a few hundred dollar a month, and save money in this bad economy yet create better opportunity for people in India.

Finally the world is getting flatter and flatter…

Thank You Internet , Than You God!!

God Bless the Internet.

Rehan Allahwala

Virtual Phone Line Takes Social Media Lessons from AMEX

Interesting, American Express is asking me, Suzanne Bowen, on email to book flights to see my Facebook friends. Pretty cool marketing strategy. I'm impressed, American Express. In fact, I want to apply a similar proposal as to how to stay in touch with your Facebook friends and to make new Facebook friends. Virtual Phone Lines, of course. With local phone numbers available in about 50 countries, Virtual Phone Line users can be a phone call away from those who are important to them like Facebook friends.

Example, you meet several people on Facebook who are in South Korea, Japan, Colombia, and Mexico. Maybe you want to start a business with them, do some collegiate research, or see each other as potential customers or suppliers? These are just a few great reasons to buy Virtual Phone Lines. So... you buy phone numbers from all four countries on http://www.virtualphoneline.com and connect with your Facebook profile. You set the numbers to ring on your favorite instant messenger, your landline or cell phone, or to a third party SIP or IAX2 address. Give the phone numbers out, connect to your FB profile and start receiving phone calls!

Successful eBay Sellers Use Virtual Phone Lines

Establish a local presence in any country where your market for your eBay Store is huge. Sign up at http://www.virtualphoneline.com where you have available up to 50 countries. Give your new international or USA phone number to your potential clients to reach you any time on cell phone, landline, instant messenger or your third party IAX2 or SIP provider.

There are 100s if not 1000s or millions more potential customers for you via a Virtual Phone Line in coordination with your eBay auctions.

VPL Members Get Personal Dialer and Profile Page

Members of the Virtual Phone Line community at http://www.virtualphoneline.com/ have one more great feature for driving more of the kind of people and communications they want to them through the new public profile. In fact, it has become a true social media experience with much control in the hands of the users.

How does this work? Login to your Virtual Phone Line account at http://www.virtualphoneline.com/. Click on the word "Profile". There are two options to make your very own Virtual Phone Line public profile.

1. If you have already purchased a Virtual Phone Line, your profile page may look like this: http://www.virtualphoneline.com/profile/18504393332 (for example).

2. Or choose a user name for your special Virtual Phone Line profile page such as http://www.virtualphoneline.com/profile/suzanadana.

Next, decide which items you want to show on your profile page such as picture, location, the virtual phone line numbers you have purchased, and if you have voicemail enabled. You also decide if you want to display your profile publicly, whether you want to show your own dialer so anyone can call you from your personal public profile page.

There is also an option called SHARE where you can choose to share your Virtual Phone Line public profile page on any several dozen social networking sites.
Watch a video by my colleague, a real geek, smart programmer Arfeen who we talked into explaining how this works at http://arfeen.net/2009/12/vpls-public-profile/. ;-)
Join the Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/VirtualPhoneLine. We wish you a 2010 full of talk and chat with those who are important to you. Virtual Phone Line will cause more your family, friends, and clients both potential and current to start CALLING YOU!

Let a San Diego Virtual Phone Number Enhance Wireless and Entertainment

Super Technologies, Inc. since 1999 is excited to provide the Virtual Phone Line service to SMBs, entrepreneurs, call centers, consumers, families, friends, and more. We are also a media partner for the world's most exciting conferences and trade shows. Check out CTIA Wireless & Entertainment scheduled for Oct. 6-9, 2009 at the San Diego, California Convention Center.

Directly Access San Diego Phone Numbers Page !

So many educational opportunities and business and technology ready to develop. Wireless and entertainment are the hottest business areas today. At least 2 billion people in the world use a cell phone. Check out World Internet Usage Statistics to see how many use the Internet. The most popular use for Internet is for entertainment and second business. Sign up at CTIA Wireless & Entertainment at http://www.ctia.org/conventions_events/wirelessIT/ to get in on the action.

A recent email from CTIA:
"For enterprises, the mobile phone provides an opportunity that parallels the transformational impact of the Internet. Mobility helps you to reach out and create new experiences for customers. In this journey, a combination of smart business models and unique technology platforms will hold the key to success.

Join Infosys and a panel of industry experts in a discussion on Enterprise Mobility at CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment, October 7, 2009. We will explore the potential of mobility to enhance business and consumer reach, and discuss strategies to enable a 'mobile enterprise'.

Session 1 – The Opportunities and Challenges in implementing a Mobile Enterprise

Session 2 – Enabling the Mobile Enterprise – A Service Provider Perspective

(Infosys will moderate sessions, which will feature industry experts.)

Find out what are the imperatives for enterprises to adopt the next wave of Enterprise Mobility."

While you're in San Diego, consider getting a San Diego number to be local to everyone!

How Virtual Phone Lines, IAX2 or SIP Creates Business and Jobs

Roll over and out, "recession."

Virtual Phone Line does not come with an Asterisk server. Instead it was created to empower you as a consumer, smb, entrepreneur, or other individual or organization to have access to as many international and local phone numbers (50 countries now) as possible. We want to make sure in every way possible that you can have a local presence in the areas where there are people who are important to you. People ... who you are waiting... for them to give you a call. Share with your local phone number. They pick up their phone dial that local phone number. It rings where you set it to ring to.

But what if you want to ring to IAX2 or SIP? Get access to an Asterisk,Kamailio, FreeSWITCH, Yate, openSIPS, or other SIP server setup and get tips at http://www.virtualphoneline.com/asterisk/

Virtual Phone Line was invented by Rehan Ahmed, president and CTO of Super Technologies, Inc. in 1999. Thousands of global users were taking advantage as early as 2000. In 2001 it won the Spring Internet World Best of Show Client Device award. Now, more important than "awards," Virtual Phone Lines has helped entrepreneurs to create 10s of 1000s of new businesses around the globe in just 10 years time. It has helped to employ millions.

Virtual Phone Lines and the power of open source telephony has created more opportunities than they get credit for. Be a part of the massive revolution against recession. Match a Virtual Phone Line with the geographical area of the world that is important to you in business, love, friendship and more, or start your own Call Foward Management System business.

WOW Your Own Virtual Phone Line Web Page

Virtual Phone Line announces the feature where you, the Virtual Phone Line users, have a personal web URL to use in your email signature or web site. Friends can then call you with a microphone and a speaker to the ring to address that the user has enabled.

Get friends and customers from all over the world call the local Virtual Phone Line number and pay nothing. It's all because you realize the power of Virtual Phone Lines giving you a local presence in the area of your phone number you buy from www.virtualphoneline.com. Of course, you want those who are most important to you to start calling. Virtual Phone Line makes it easy!

You can enable or disable this feature if you like from the profile page section in

The web page we have made for you is:


Login to your Virtual Phone Line account, and get started now. Choose from phone numbers from as many as 60 countries to give you that local presence and be all you can be!

We at Super Technologies, Inc. love to create features for you that bring you closer to those who are most important in your life, so let us know other features you'd like to have.

CA Companies with Virtual Phone Lines Not Feeling Tourism Decrease

Many Virtual Phone Line customers are small businesses, government and non-profit organizations and other groups in Canada who want a virtual and local presence in different areas of the world. This is expecially important to those in the Canadian tourism industry. While many tourism agencies and companies are feeling the economic crunch, others who have Virtual Phone Lines are not.

"Tourism spending fell 2.9 percent during the past four quarters, the longest downturn since the early 1990s," the report from the Statistics Canada Agency said.

Here is an example of how a current SMB in tourism and hospitality is beating this:

A tourism agency who focuses on French, Spanish and Portuguese clientele for travel, signed up on Virtual Phone Line last year and bought Virtual Phone Lines (DIDs, direct inward dialing, origination, phone numbers) from Paris, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Kenya, and Quebec City. They added these numbers to their website, email signatures and business cards.

People living in those areas of the world use their cell phone, landline or any voice software to dial the local phone number (Virtual Phone Line purchased by the agency) and it rings where the tourism agency chooses for it to ring. They are BOOKED!! And are creating a study to decide which other cities in the world go get a local number from.

Facebook, Click to Call and Virtual Phone Line for You

You know all those people out there that you love, care about, need them to call you, stay in touch with you? You want it to be easy for them to call you. Virtual Phone Line listened. Check out the news on your own Virtual Phone Line web page for everyone to call you at VoIP Catalog. Give everyone your Virtual Phone Line click to call webpage like http://www.virtualphoneline.com/profile/18504393332. They open the page, click to call you, the call rings where you set it to ring to at that moment: PSTN, cell phone, SIP, IAX2, MSN IM, GoogleTalk, Skype, etc. You hear the call coming in. Have a great chat!

Good for business, family, friendship, education, social networking in general, and more! Plus, almost forgot, Virtual Phone Line is ready for you to integrate with Facebook. Login to your Virtual Phone Line account and click to get started. Join the Facebook Virtual Phone Line page.

Sign up at Virtual Phone Line and bring those important to you, closer to you.

Virtual Phone Line Offers SMS on Special Numbers

Super Technologies, Inc.'s President and CTO invented the concept of Virtual Phone Line (Virtualphoneline) in 1999. The technology was a world communications changemaker with its potential to provide virtual presence in many geographical areas of the world. Today, the company announced new SMS technology integration with "VPL." Users may change the call forwarding, also known as "ringto," of their Virtual Phone Lines via SMS with their cell phone. They may also activate to receive SMS on a Virtual Phone Line. Such a feature empowers users with more flexibility in a mobile world.

Cell phones purchases have reached over 1 billion units in 2009. In most areas of the world, SMS service is affordable and a commonly used feature of cellular service. ITU's ICT statistics show SMS use growing 3.3% yearly. More people now have a mobile phone than an Internet-connected PC in the United States and globally. There are more than 255 million mobile phone users in the U.S., roughly 85% of the U.S. population. (DIDX and its original precursor for call forwarding, Virtual Phone Line, is a media partner for ITU's Telecom World which takes place Oct. 5-9, 2009.)

"When a Virtual Phone Line user clicks to buy a phone number within the personal portal, one of the fields of descriptive data is yes or no on SMS service available. If it is compatible and the DID (direct inward dialing phone number) is purchased, then the user may click on Advanced Features and activate. One may also click on a particular Virtual Phone Line, and click yes or now to allow incoming SMS, again where the 'VPL' shows "SMS Supported," Virtual Phone Line customer Michel Chamberland of Bordeaux, France shares. "We appreciate being able to view the SMS's in the SMS Inbox in their Virtual Phone Line personal portal. It's common for many of the people we want to be in touch with us in certain areas of the world to use SMS than it is for them to use Twitter, so this new feature is very handy, SMS to change call forwarding and ability to receive SMS with some Virtual Phone Line numbers."

Direct Inward Dialing numbers are a requirement for Private Branch Exchanges (business phone systems). Now businesses with DID phone numbers (from Virtual Phone Line) can receive SMS and voice calls directly by outside of their PBX (News - Alert), without going through a receptionist or company operator. The SMS brings new flexibility and value to Virtual Phone Line users. To sign up for Virtual Phone Line, the website to visit is http://www.virtualphoneline.com.

Do you like Virtual Phone Line service?

We are thankful that you are using Virtual Phone Line Service. We hope you are enjoying the new features we add to the service. We would like to know what you like about using Virtual Phone Line in the form of a short 30 second to 1 min video from you.
Each Person who makes the video will get $10 on their account as a gift from us.
To make this interesting, we offer a $250 Visa cash card (you can use anywhere in the world)  to the best testimonial video that we receive.
Tell us how the service helps you, especially in unique ways. How is Virtual Phone Line service different from other like services?
Rules of  Competition:

1. Testimonial should say why you like the service, and how it has helped you.
2. When we receive 100 entries for the competition, our  judges will make their choice.
3. Each testimonial that is used by Super Technologies, Inc. and Virtual Phone Line will get a $10 as credit to your account.
4. The testimonials must be uploaded to Youtube.com
5. A majority of the testimonials will be used on our web sites.
6. Once uploaded send the link to us via the Contact us button inside your account dashboard.
7. Testimonials may be edited by our team, and may display your name, city and country if used.
8. Competition will be closed after we receive 100 complete videos. All the videos will be listed on virtualphoneline.com/compete2009/
9. Primary language of the testimonial has to be English. You can make 2, one in your own language and one in English. Let us know the language of the one that is not English. The English one will be judged.

SMS Ring to Update

Did you try the new SMS Update Feature on VirtualPhoneline ?

You can now update your new Forwarding Number / Ring To Number just by sending a SMS to +447937900030

Find your SECRET CODE for changing the Ring To number on your PROFILE PAGE.

This code will change the FORWARDING number of ALL your numbers.

You can ALSO change Forwarding Number of only ONE NUMBER by sending the code for that particular number, This CODE can be found on your NUMBER INFO Page


New Facebook Page

We have closed our old VirtualPhoneLine.com Fan page and are using the new one on

Official : http://www.facebook.com/pages/VirtualPhoneLine/

The reason that the new @Tagging function was bringing the entire Page information on the status, and people wanted Just the name in the tags.

I hope you will Join the new VirtualPhoneline Facebook FAN PAGE and show that you ARE a fan :)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

VirtualPhoneLine is Not Complacent vs Skype IN

Browsing Youtube on the weekends is a favorite past time, and one of my favorite topics is what's up with Skype? In this case, what is not up with Skype.

Don't get me wrong. Skype is a beauty with Skype to Skype calls sounding like HD and great features like video and screen sharing, but the Skype IN has got to improve.

Skype Maxico or Skype In Mexico.. Or may be I should say Skype Pakistan or, more than 23 other countries then I found under my former Skype plan.

For other reasons I dropped my Skype Mexico phone number, so imagine my surprise when I found Skype launched , 65$ an year for formal Mexico phone number.

I supposed to 12$ an year a company that offers me 12$ an year a Mexico phone number, with more area code and choices.

I don't want to sound like, I am complaining about Skype.

I think Skype and Skype IN are great products, just because I am a formal customer of Skype In does not mean I left unhappy customer, and Yes times indeed have changed and Skype and Skype IN .

Now, I am not against saying a buck as much as anybody and see how many more countries Virtualphoneline.com offers nearly twice as many countries as Skype.

Somaliland Persons Can Use Virtual Phone Lines

"Calls from Somaliland are the cheapest in Africa and fierce competition between the country’s carriers means calls from Somaliland are five to six times cheaper than other African countries. Mohamed Saed Duale, the founder of Dahabshiill has joined the fray and recently launched Somtel and joins Telesom, Telcom, Africa Online, Nationlink and Soltelco as the country’s sixth carrier.

The implications are clear. Somtel will use the 18-year money-wiring experience of its parent company to take on Selesom in the mobile money sector. The diaspora will continue to wire money home but the recipients will no longer need to go to a bank or visit the money-changers.

They will only need their mobile for all transactions and it means the money-changers will be kicked out of the Somaliland cash temples forever. Where Selesom has led, Somtel will attempt to dominate while the four other carriers will undoubtedly emulate." From Monty Munford, guest poster on TechCrunch.

Somaliland persons and organizations could sure use Virtual Phone Lines to make this and more work even better! Every one can have a USA or UK, Mexico or any of up to 60 countries' phone numbers. Help friends, family, customers who are your VIP ... connect with you. You buy the Virtual Phone Line. They call the local number to reach you! Even on Skype, MSN IM, or Google Talk. Yes, you're online and they call from their cell phone.

Bring the world closer together. Make sending money home easier. Improve your lives fast.

Meanwhile, telcos like Somtel are using wholesale DIDX to make all of the above happen. ;-)

How to Set the Virtual PBX in Virtualphoneline.com

Hello World,

Today I will show you how you can forward your virtual number calls to Virtual PBX.

First of all, log in to your http://www.virtualphoneline.com account, and then drag your mouse cursor to my number type on the menu bar, from the drop down menu, select view all my numbers tab.

Now you can see your available virtual numbers list in my numbers page.

Now select any virtual number that you would like to forward to virtual PBX. Please note that you can also forward any virtual numbers to other services at anytime.

Now I'm going to select this virtual number "15672481759" to forward my calls to virtual PBX, click on any number and wait for a few second for loading the services window.

Now you can choose any "Carrier" from the services window. Also you can say that, it shows your current forwarding service in the services window.

Ok, now click on the drop down menu and select the virtual PBX and then click on "Submit" button to forward your virtual number.
Once the process completed, it will show a message that "Your number 15672481759 will now ring on Virtual PBX."

Now you can see that your virtual number has been forwarded to VirtualPBX. Let me show you advance features of virtualPBX.

Ok, now drag your mouse cursor to "Advance Features" tab on the menu bar, from the drop down menu, select "VirtualPBX"
In the next page, you can see your forwarded virtual number. Let's configure the virtualPBX, so move on and click on the settings link for advance features of virtualPBX.

In the next page, I am going to set the IVR first, which means "Interactive Voice Response" because it will be played as the number receives the call. Click on the "IVR management link."

In the next page, you can upload any voice file to set the IVR.

Now click on the "Upload Voice File"

In the next page, you can upload your voice file for virtualPBX, before uploading the voice file. Please note that the file should be in the wav format, and the quality of voice file should be as under settings, like "16 bit 8000 Mz Mono."

So after uploading the voice file, click on submit button to complete the process.

Now click on virtualPBX settings link and then click on settings link again to return to previous page. In this page, you can see that, there is another option to play the uploaded voice files from the drop-down menu.

Now, I am going to show you thow you can set the easy dialing settings. You can see that the page has three main columns "Dial", "Title" and "Ring on number." First, give a title on the title box and phone number on the ring on number box, where you can forward the call to anyone as you like. For example, I want to forward the call to my "Russian Agent" which means that if anyone dials the virtual number and presses "0," their call will be forwarded to my Russian agent (reseller). Next, I want to forward my call to my "US Client" which means that if anyone dials the virtual number and presses "1," their call will be forwarded to my US client. Similarly, you can write up to 10 numbers to forward the calls to.

Once you complete the process, then click on "Save settings" button.

And that's it, thank you for watching the tutorial.

Visit http://www.virtualphoneline.com to get started on mixing social media, social networking, and connecting with friends and business around the world via Virtual Phone Lines!

Get Free USA Number Signup via SMS

Now you can send SMS via Virtualphoneline.com

You can signup via sms now on Virtualphoneline.com, For signing up on virtual phone line please watch below video and enjoy our service.

For Bulk Numbers Browse our Wholesale Product : https://www.didx.net

Send sms now to +44-7937-900030 With msg JOIN to Sign Up now.

Enjoy the free service ..

Watch Video :

Free Sign up for Virtual Number with Your Cell Phone via SMS

Virtual Phone Line, a service of Super Technologies, Inc. and invented by CEO Rehan Allahwala, has gone mobile and is poised to assist people and organizations around the globe to share information, solve problems and create solutions and new businesses, faster and more easily than ever.

Virtual Phone Line SMS (Short Message Service) enables anyone anywhere to sign up for service via a text message. Turn on the cell phone. Click the SMS option and enter +44 793 7900030 and the message of "vpl signup USA superman." Click send. This set of steps will sign up the owner of the cell phone for access to buying virtual phone lines (phone numbers) from any or all of 40 countries or more. Users will be able to have a local or virtual presence in areas of the world where their VIP (very important people) are.

Watch a video:

Read more at http://www.pr.com/press-release/266198.