Saturday, March 8, 2014

Virtual Phone Line Offers SMS on Special Numbers

Super Technologies, Inc.'s President and CTO invented the concept of Virtual Phone Line (Virtualphoneline) in 1999. The technology was a world communications changemaker with its potential to provide virtual presence in many geographical areas of the world. Today, the company announced new SMS technology integration with "VPL." Users may change the call forwarding, also known as "ringto," of their Virtual Phone Lines via SMS with their cell phone. They may also activate to receive SMS on a Virtual Phone Line. Such a feature empowers users with more flexibility in a mobile world.

Cell phones purchases have reached over 1 billion units in 2009. In most areas of the world, SMS service is affordable and a commonly used feature of cellular service. ITU's ICT statistics show SMS use growing 3.3% yearly. More people now have a mobile phone than an Internet-connected PC in the United States and globally. There are more than 255 million mobile phone users in the U.S., roughly 85% of the U.S. population. (DIDX and its original precursor for call forwarding, Virtual Phone Line, is a media partner for ITU's Telecom World which takes place Oct. 5-9, 2009.)

"When a Virtual Phone Line user clicks to buy a phone number within the personal portal, one of the fields of descriptive data is yes or no on SMS service available. If it is compatible and the DID (direct inward dialing phone number) is purchased, then the user may click on Advanced Features and activate. One may also click on a particular Virtual Phone Line, and click yes or now to allow incoming SMS, again where the 'VPL' shows "SMS Supported," Virtual Phone Line customer Michel Chamberland of Bordeaux, France shares. "We appreciate being able to view the SMS's in the SMS Inbox in their Virtual Phone Line personal portal. It's common for many of the people we want to be in touch with us in certain areas of the world to use SMS than it is for them to use Twitter, so this new feature is very handy, SMS to change call forwarding and ability to receive SMS with some Virtual Phone Line numbers."

Direct Inward Dialing numbers are a requirement for Private Branch Exchanges (business phone systems). Now businesses with DID phone numbers (from Virtual Phone Line) can receive SMS and voice calls directly by outside of their PBX (News - Alert), without going through a receptionist or company operator. The SMS brings new flexibility and value to Virtual Phone Line users. To sign up for Virtual Phone Line, the website to visit is

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