Saturday, March 8, 2014

Facebook, Click to Call and Virtual Phone Line for You

You know all those people out there that you love, care about, need them to call you, stay in touch with you? You want it to be easy for them to call you. Virtual Phone Line listened. Check out the news on your own Virtual Phone Line web page for everyone to call you at VoIP Catalog. Give everyone your Virtual Phone Line click to call webpage like They open the page, click to call you, the call rings where you set it to ring to at that moment: PSTN, cell phone, SIP, IAX2, MSN IM, GoogleTalk, Skype, etc. You hear the call coming in. Have a great chat!

Good for business, family, friendship, education, social networking in general, and more! Plus, almost forgot, Virtual Phone Line is ready for you to integrate with Facebook. Login to your Virtual Phone Line account and click to get started. Join the Facebook Virtual Phone Line page.

Sign up at Virtual Phone Line and bring those important to you, closer to you.

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