Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Future is digital

With the revolution of social media, there is a huge potential that a great number of captive audience’s “likes” can be transformed into “sales”. In this era of digital marketing, it’s a great opportunity for the companies who wants to build their brands and turn key group of people into paying customers. Facebook what was since inception just a casual meeting place, and was generally considered a “Time pass”, is now turning out to be a necessity, and business’s next field of interest for the promotion of their brands and ideas. But one fact remains constant that the relevant brand will always win and will be chosen more frequently, will be given attention and recommended to others, yet in this digital age, what is relevant today, may not be relevant tomorrow and the better the brand positioning, the better the brand will be. In this industry where variance is unpredictable, the brands which are going digital, have more survivability as the future is digital.  

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