Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An Extra Mile

The concept of what we have today regarding brands was totally different back in the day. Brand was derived from the word Brandr, and it was used to identify the owners of livestocks by marking their trademarks on the skins of their livestocks. According to American Marketing Association, any name, sign, logo or design is a brand, so whenever a marketer creates a name sign, logo or design, he/she has created a brand. Today’s brands are all about upheaval and uncertainty. Today most brands of the world are famous, not only what they offer, but what people actually believe and perceive about that brand, and that’s primarily because of the emotional attachment, people have with those brands along with the nostalgic effect. Today’s brands evoke emotions, they are familiar with their consumers, more closer than ever, they listen to them and act accordingly and they do not compromise on risking the relationship between them and their consumers. And all it takes for the brands to achieve this status is just by going “An Extra Mile”.         

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